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Project Details

Vendor COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

Effective October 15, 2021, all vendors who may visit any District school site or facility and/or who may come into contact with District students or staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. For purposes of this requirement, the term "vendors" refers to employees/hired staff, agents, contractors, partners, subcontractors, and representatives of the District's vendors and contractors. Prior to providing any such services on or after October 15, 2021, the Contractor must complete and return the COVID-19 Vaccination Compliance Certification.



Project Description:

Diego Tipan
(818) 942-5827

Bid Walk Date and Time:
Wednesday Jun 12, 2024 @ 10:00 AM

Work Type / Office:
C-27 Landscaping Contractor, Alteration, Project Unit South , Landscape

Subcontractors Prohibited
Sub-contracting of this contract will not be allowed without the advance written permission of the Owner. The District reserves the right to pursue any and all available legal remedies in the event of the subsequent employment of an unlisted subcontractor.

Sealed Bid
*BARTON HILLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL* 423 N Pacific Ave, San Pedro CA.90731 *PROJECT REQUIREMENTS DEFINITION* The furnishing of all labor, services, and incidentals necessary for the Work, and Installation of wood headers new soil, sod to the Barton hills Elementary School*.* *RELATED REQUIREMENTS:* ? Division 32: General Requirements. ? Section. 32 9000 Planting. ? CONTRACTOR: to receive a bid award will be required to have a valid and active* *C-27 license*.* *USE OF PREMISES* ? CONTRACTOR: Be safely pre-qualified and responsible for verifying the scope of work, area, dimensions prior to bid walk to complete the project, *LAUSD Specifications and Standards shall be strictly adhered to during the Project.* ? CONTRACTOR shall sequence, coordinate, and perform the Work to impose minimum hardship on the operation and use of the existing facilities and/or Project site. ? CONTRACTOR: shall install all necessary protection for existing improvements, Project site, property, and new Work against dust, dirt, weather, damage, and maintain and relocate all protection to accommodate progression of the Work. ? CONTRACTOR: shall confine entrance and exit to the Project site and/or facilities to routes designated by the OAR All employees wear identification tags or company shirts while working on this project. ? All work performed will be scheduled during school hours and/or weekends, however bids for this project should have provisions for the standard ?After school hours and/or weekends? contractor work schedule. *SPECIFIC SCOPE OF WORK* CONTRACTOR: shall provide tools, labor, and materials to complete installation 2?x6?x300? LF of REDWOOD HEADERS at the edge of new turf area, during the bid walk survey, additional details related to the project needed will be identified as part of this contract. CONTRACTOR: shall cover the area with new soil, compacted, level and prepare for the new turf installation. CONTRACTOR: shall provide and install 5000 SQF of new TURF (Cynodon dactylon `Santa Ana Bermudagrass?) per LAUSD standards. CONTRACTOR: Shall remove all excavation debris, trash and disposal in a legal manner. OWNER: Shall be provide safety fence and restrooms used to perform the Project. OWNER: reserves the right to obtain samples, perform tests to ensure compliance with LAUSD specifications, and to review weight slips and invoices of the disposal procedures. *performance of this project and ensure all disposal procedures are in accordance with LAUSD Standards*. CONTRACTOR: Measurement and location provided is an estimate. Verify measurements in the field. CONTRACTOR: to provide their own equipment, labor and materials to complete *SCOPE OF WORK* detail. CONTRACTOR:* *Need to follow strict LAUSD specification to complete SCOPE OF WORK. *_GENERAL_* 1. The Contractor will work in a professional and workmanlike manner and maintain a secure and safe work area in compliance with Cal OSHA standards. 2. All work to be completed and inspected to the satisfaction of the District Representative. 3. Workman Compensation Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Certificate of Liability for Leased, Owned, and Non-Owned vehicles must be on file and updated with Projects Unit South prior to awarding `A/B-Letter? Contract. 4. The Contractor will read and thoroughly understand the conditions and liabilities set forth in the district `A/B-Letter? Contract. 5. The work schedule must be coordinated and approved by the district. 6. In the event hazardous material is discovered or disturbed, the District Representative shall be contacted immediately. 7. All work contained in this scope shall be completed by the contractor and shall comply with all current State, City, and all other applicable codes, including Title 8,17,21,24 governing the work on school grounds and buildings. 8. The Contractor shall secure and protect District property from damage and weather conditions for the duration of the contract. 9. Removal of faulty workmanship and

Craft Supervisor:
Steven Eckvahl

Additional Notes:
Meet at the flagpole in front of the school. Late arrivals will not be allowed to participate in the bid walk.

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Project advertised on 06/10/2024

* Archived Project
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