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Project Details

Vendor COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

Effective October 15, 2021, all vendors who may visit any District school site or facility and/or who may come into contact with District students or staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. For purposes of this requirement, the term "vendors" refers to employees/hired staff, agents, contractors, partners, subcontractors, and representatives of the District's vendors and contractors. Prior to providing any such services on or after October 15, 2021, the Contractor must complete and return the COVID-19 Vaccination Compliance Certification.


2880 E GAGE AVE,

Project Description:

Michael Hall
(323) 789-7009

Bid Walk Date and Time:
Thursday Jun 13, 2024 @ 10:00 AM

Work Type / Office:
C-27 Landscaping Contractor, Alteration, Project Unit South , Landscape

Subcontractors Prohibited
Sub-contracting of this contract will not be allowed without the advance written permission of the Owner. The District reserves the right to pursue any and all available legal remedies in the event of the subsequent employment of an unlisted subcontractor.

Sealed Bid
Gage M.S. SEEDS Garden*Provide & Install Landscaping** **Scope of Work* Landscaping Contractor shall provide all materials and labor to install base layer, then install & compact approximately 1,400 square feet of 4" deep Stabilized Decomposed Granite. Available thru South West Bolder and Stone or equal Color California Gold with stabilizer mixed at supplier in areas per plan.Provide & Install approximately 1,450 square feet of District approved imported Top Soil to all planted areas to replace demolished/removed soil. Provide & install approximately 1,450 square feet 3" of Shredded Decorative Bark Mulch Topping to all over new Tip Soil in all planted areas. Provide & install continuous root barriers in all planters Deep Root UB18-2 or Equal . Provide and install eight new 24" box trees as shown on the drawing.5 each 24" Box Fernleaf Catalina Ironwood, Standard.7 each 24" Box Coast Live Oak, Standard.............................. *Note: All Understory Plant Materials (Shrubs, Ornamental Grasses, Groundcovers) shall be provided & installed by the School.* All work performed shall comply with directions provided in the the Gage M.S. SEEDS Garden Concept Plan, dated 12/14/23. LAUSD SPECIFICATION REFERENCES: DIVISION #1 - GENERAL REQUIRMENTS SECTION # 32 9000 - PLANTINGSECTION # 31 31 2200 - GRADINGSECTION # 31 2313 - EXCAVATION AND FILLSECTION # 33 1100 - SITE WATER DISTRIBUTION UTILITIESSECTION # 31 2326 - BASE COURSE SECTION # 31 2316 - EXCAVATION AND FILL FOR PAVING SECTION # 01- 4524 - ENVIRONMENTAL IMPORT/EXPORT MATERIAL TESTING STANDARD TECHNICAL DRAWINGS - TABLE OF CONTENTS ? Landscape 7/24/23 **THE CONTRACTOR SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGED OCCURRING DURING THEIR WORK OR DAMAGED CAUSED BY THEIR WORKERS. WORKERS SHALL BE READILY IDENTIFIABLE BY A COMPANY I.D./UNIFORM WHILE ON DISTRICT PROPERTY. USE OF TOBACCO, DRUGS OR ALCHOHOL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. WORK HOURS ARE THE SAME AS SCHOOL HOURS UNLESS CONSENT IS GIVEN BY THE SCHOOL AND IN WRITTING. DEVIATION FROM THIS SCOPE MAY ONLY BE APPROVED BY AN AUTHORIZED DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE. *_General_* 1. The Contractor will work in a professional and workmanlike manner and maintain a secure and safe work area in compliance with Cal OSHA standards.2. All work to be completed and inspected to the satisfaction of the District Representative.3. Workman Compensation Insurance, Liability Insurance, and Certificate of Liability for Leased, Owned, and Non-Owned vehicles must be on file and updated with Projects Unit South prior to awarding `A/B-Letter? Contract.4. The Contractor will read and thoroughly understand the conditions and liabilities set forth in the district `A/B-Letter? Contract.5. The work schedule must be coordinated and approved by the District Representative.6. In the event hazardous material is discovered or disturbed, the District Representative shall be contacted immediately.7. All work contained in this scope shall be completed by the Contractor and shall comply with all current State, City, and all other applicable codes, including Title 8,17,21,24 governing the work on school grounds and buildings.8. The Contractor shall secure and protect District property from damage and weather conditions for the duration of the contract.9. *Removal of faulty workmanship and defective materials. In the event any workmanship or material used is below standard or defective, the Contractor shall correct the condition to the satisfaction of the *District Representative.

Craft Supervisor:
Juan Alcantar

Additional Notes:
Meet at the Main Office. All contractors must have current CA C-27 license; and safety prequalified.

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Project advertised on 06/10/2024

* Archived Project
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