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Project Details

Vendor COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

Effective October 15, 2021, all vendors who may visit any District school site or facility and/or who may come into contact with District students or staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. For purposes of this requirement, the term "vendors" refers to employees/hired staff, agents, contractors, partners, subcontractors, and representatives of the District's vendors and contractors. Prior to providing any such services on or after October 15, 2021, the Contractor must complete and return the COVID-19 Vaccination Compliance Certification.


2510 E SIXTH ST,

Project Description:
Removal of Asbestos Containing Flooring in the Orchestra Pit at Auditorium.

Jonathan Vargas
(213) 745-1450

Bid Walk Date and Time:
Thursday Feb 06, 2025 @ 01:00 PM

Work Type / Office:
Other, Maintenance, ASB Asbestos - Check DOSH Registration, Facilities Environmental Technical Unit (FETU)

The bidder MUST submit the Subcontractor Listing form (Exhibit W) listing each subcontractor who will perform work or labor or render service or specially fabricate and install a portion of the Work. The District reserves the right to pursue any and all available legal remedies in the event of the subsequent employment of an unlisted subcontractor.

Email Bid
FETU - Removal of Asbestos Containing Flooring in the Orchestra Pit at Auditorium. Approximate Square Footage: 3000 SFBuilding Name and Number: Assembly Hall Building (009CBJ).Rooms and Areas: Orchestra Pit Area and Aisles between seats. ***SEE ATTACHMENT FOR DETAILED PROJECT SCOPE***

Craft Supervisor:
Noel Escobar

Additional Notes:
All Bidders must be LAUSD-approved Asbestos abatement contractors.


Project advertised on 02/02/2024

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