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Available Projects

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Maintenance Area
Project Number          
Project Num Description Work Type / Office Location Name Initiator Bid Walk Date Register
25308231 DA: Remove & replace existing floor covering in the Main Office & classroom C-15 Flooring and Floor Covering Contractor / Maintenance / Floor Covering / M&O Area-N1 EINSTEIN HS Steve Greenhalge 02/09/2016
25420543 REMOVE & REPLACE DETERIORATED CONCRETE SIDEWALK FOR HARDING ES Other / C-8 Concrete Contractor / Repair / M&O Area-N2 HARDING ES Norman Myers 02/10/2016
25951182 DA: Replace deteriorated carpet with VCT, Main Office C-15 Flooring and Floor Covering Contractor / Maintenance / Floor Covering / M&O Area-N1 HART ST EL Steve Greenhalge 02/11/2016
26076885 REMOVE AND REPLACE DETERIORATED ROOFING SYSTEM WITH PVC Roofing / C-39 Roofing Contractor / Maintenance / Project Unit Central VINE ES Mark Fairhurst 02/09/2016

Bidder Qualification Requirements

  • Informal contracts over $15,000 require a performance bond; those under $15,000 do not require bonding.
  • Prevailing wage applies to ALL CONTRACTS $15,000 and over, applied to the contract price, which means that subcontractors also pay prevailing wage, regardless of their portion of the contract amount.
  • Usually a specialty license is required depending on the type of project.
  • The District's Informal projects require $1,000,000 in comprehensive General Liability insurance and auto insurance through a California-admitted Insurance Company with an A-VII or higher rating, according to the A.M. Best Company standards. OCIP is NOT provided on Informal Contracts.
  • The minimum State Worker's Compensation Insurance.
  • All specialty contracts that exceed $20,000, and are funded in whole or in part by monies from local bonds, are subject to the Project Stabilization Agreement.
  • All contractors are required to be safety pre-qualified prior to bid award and they must comply with the safety standards. For additional information and/or a Safety Pre-Qualification Questionaire, contact LAUSD Safety Pre-Qualification section at (562) 654-9007/(562) 654-9311 or at http://www.laschools.org/contractor/cc/pq/.
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